Video Intercoms

Do you really know who is at the door? These days do you really want to open the door to a stranger? Will your children open the door to someone knocking? Do you have elderly parents? A video intercom from Advanced Antenna & Security will allow you to decide whether you want to answer the door or not whilst still in the security of your home.

Our video intercom is a full colour, hands free, 7 inch LCD screen with the wide-angle lens outdoor station able to illuminate your visitors face at night. The video intercom also features a view only function, which means you can view the person before deciding to answer.

Give yourself peace of mind and added security for your family. Install a video intercom today from Advanced Antenna & Security.

Prices start from * $595.00 installed. From * $495.00 if installed with any alarm package. Transfer your alarm monitoring to Advanced Antenna & Security and we will install our video intercom from * $495.00 and you will still receive a free battery and service every 12 months on your security system.

* Based on a single story home with one indoor monitor and one outdoor station.

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